My Writings

Essays, prose, poetry, & short stories. 

A Coastal Suicide

I am almost certain that I have ruined the whitewall tires of my near vantablack 1963 split window Corvette. I have been driving on them for days and have certainly surpassed their recommend mileage. I viscously assault the brakes, my car comes screeching to a halt. A plume of dust hides my existence from the world as I swerve off the corkscrew coastal highway into a gravel outcrop that overlooks an abyss of water slowly consuming the setting sun.

A Letter To My Country

I am white. I will not stand by, nor will I deny my responsibility for the injustice that exists as a result of our people's doing. What right did we have to violently steal this land from peaceful people? Who gave us the power to destroy the cultures and families that we pitted against one another. How alone did we feel when we separated families and exchanged their loved ones as commodities? What made us laugh when we hung strange fruit from the poplar trees? Why didn't we learn when we murdered Trayvon Martin? Do you accept the reality of how we have chosen to treat the human beings we forced to build our "great nation?"

Objective Awareness and the Observational Modes of Human Experience

Does It not puzzle you? The complexity that is representational of human life. In conscious thought observation with regard to the reflection of thought on and of each individual human life a prominent realization surfaces; realization that each human life whether present or un-present within your own or others be equally complex to the life you yourself live. In a more refined way this is simply to say that the complexity of your life is un-unique; for every other life outside your own be equally complex to yours. It is this equally shared complexity among all lives that be most fascinating when thought about in a truly conscientious way. Furthermore, it becomes of great importance to realize that the complexity being discussed be not that of one's societal position and associated struggle(s) but, rather, the complexity that comes with life itself, the complexity involved in the process of living a life. For any living being to exist (continue to live) within a state of life they must bind themselves fully to all of life’s complexity, a complexity derived from each moment life be experienced. Complexity only builds with age; therefore, as age continues its constant progression, the complexity of which be derived from a constant life experience be layered further, only ceasing in our death event.

Right To Do Wrong

I have a friend, each day he goes to the local Starbucks around the same time, orders his usual, and continues about the remainder of his day with little concern of the decisions he makes. For him, his actions remain similar each day for he continually makes similar decisions, in turn, he rarely considers the implications of his actions. I have another friend whose schedule is less structured, each decision he makes is thought about carefully; he assesses the pros, cons and the ethical impact of a majority of his decisions. The point? Every individual who comprises our global society makes decisions daily; some consider their decisions carefully, others consider their decisions with less care. Regardless of our decisions and the extent to which we consider them each one made concerns itself on some level with that which is good, bad, right, wrong, and moral. Our decisions also affect another’s or others well being, as a result, the actions which accompany our decisions are either just or unjust based on their impact.